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HZR90T Plate Compactor

Features: 1. Heavy-duty rubber damping blocks effectively reduce the armrest vibration and improve operator comfort. 2. Corrosion-resistant HPDE tank. 3. Rack and pinion throttle switch. 4. Irom-reinforced plywood ram board has good pressur......

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1. Foldable handle easy for transportation and storage, traveling wheel for easy transportation.
2. Open plate provides self cleaning.
3. The designing of square-shaped bed and handle is more helpful and comfortable for the operators to changing working directions.
4. Radius base plate for easy access to corners.
5. Sealed belt cover to prevent and oil entrance.

Technical parameters:

Model Compacting force  (KN) Vibrating frequency  (rpm) Walking speed (m/min) Power
Weight  ( kg )
HZR90 15 5500rpm 20-25 m/min 4-5.5HP 100
HZR90T 15 5500rpm 20-25 m/min 4-5.5HP 100


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