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SMT-2.5A Full hydraulic roller

Features: 1. Heavy-duty rubber damping blocks effectively reduce the armrest vibration and improve operator comfort. 2. Corrosion-resistant HPDE tank. 3. Rack and pinion throttle switch. 4. Irom-reinforced plywood ram board has good pressur......

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Product overview:
It is mainly used for compacting leveling of ditch foundation, road and stadium site, and can also be used to compact the surface of asphalt surface. The operation radius is small, it can work in the smaller area and is suitable for the backfilling of the grooves.

Product features:
1. Chang Chai EV80 diesel engine, brand quality assurance, superior performance, easy to start;
2. Adopt the Danvers drive motor, vibration motor, the variable pump and other hydraulic components in Italy ,hydraulic double drive, hydraulic vibration;
3. Streamline shape design, the structure is simple and reasonable;
4. Deluxe seat, easy to adjust and comfortable.

Technical parameters:
SMT-2.5A Full hydraulic roller
Model SMT-2.5A Working weight 2500kg
Engine EV80 Vibration motor SAUER-DANFOSS
Exciting force 35KN Front wheel width 1000mm
Compacted soil 30cm Rear wheel width 1000mm
Compacted bitumen 25cm Walking speed 0-6km/h
The variable pump HANSA Machine size 1980*1100*1600mm
Drive motor SAUER-DANFOSS Climbing ability 30°


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