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What are the precautions for using the hydraulic motor that should be noticed during the analysis of the use of the roller by a small roller manufacturer?
First of all, we analyze the assembly of the hydraulic system of a small compactor compactor. The hydraulic compaction system of the compaction roller: The hydraulic walking system of the vibratory roller is mainly composed of a hydraulic motor, a reversing valve, a gear pump, and an engine. The hydraulic motor is a key component in the circuit. Starting in the early 1980s, the vibratory roller began to use hydraulic transmission. At present, almost all of the self-propelled vibratory rollers use hydraulic transmission technology. The hydraulic system of the vibratory roller consists of three parts: hydraulic walking, hydraulic vibration and hydraulic steering. The small compactor hydraulic system has a relief valve: the presence of the relief valve gives the system a maximum pressure limit, which is the most direct way to protect the hydraulic system.
Compact road roller compaction compactor, narrow construction area, and sensitive construction equipment weight. Small-scale pavement works. Folded for easy transportation or collection. The aircraft is small and mobile. It can seal materials such as asphalt. Walking on machinery. The overall structure of the machine is beautiful. The adjustable folding handle gives the operator a comfortable operating environment for transportation or storage.

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