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When the roller is in operation, the flatness of the ground will have a certain influence on the operation quality and comfort of the roller operator and the machine itself. The most important factors affecting the road surface roughness are mainly the flatness of the grass-roots level, the accuracy of the paving reference, the uniformity of the road surface material, the flatness of the pavement paving materials, and the compaction process parameters. For a long time, only the flatness of the paving (including the flatness of the grass at the grassroots level) was considered as a key factor affecting the smoothness of the road surface, but the focus on the influence of compaction parameters of the roller on the road surface flatness has attracted some attention, but There is no in-depth study of this mechanism. It is not possible to fundamentally solve the problem by obtaining smoothness by slowly starting the roller. Therefore, relevant research should be carried out to analyze the compaction parameters of the roller.
First of all, we must find out the cause of the indentation at the start of the roller. Through analyzing the strength of the vibratory roller, the calculation of the number of vibratory impacts per unit length, and the starting speed of the roller, we can see that the vibration phase of the vibratory wheel is against the vibratory roller. The fluctuation of the adhesion quality has an important effect. The maximum traction force that the ground can provide is closely related to the difference between the rotational speed of the vibrating block and the phase angle of the front and rear vibrating blocks, and it is dynamically changed. It is difficult to determine the maximum stable starting acceleration of the roller provided by the ground. As the roller starts to accelerate too quickly, it easily causes the vibratory wheel to slip. As a result, the number of local impacts is too large and the road surface is indented.
Based on these reasons, we can formulate a method to eliminate the starting indentation of a vibratory roller. If we want to fundamentally eliminate the indentation generated when starting the vibratory roller, we must determine the maximum non-slip starting acceleration of the roller and the speed and vibration of the vibration block. Speed ​​proportional control.

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