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The driving type road roller is the most popular small-scale road roller construction machine currently used in road construction. At present, due to the summer, the strength of the asphalt road surface is obviously reduced, which causes a certain challenge to the driver. If the control is not good, it may cause the road surface. The emergence of soft oil, passing and other phenomena.
First, the initial pressure
To perform at a temperature greater than 150 °C, first use a steel roller static pressure 1 ~ 2 times, speed control in 1.5km / h ~ 2km / h. When rolling, the drive wheel faces the paver, and when the ramp is rolled, the drive wheel is in the low position.
Second, repression
After the initial pressure is complete, the recompression is carried out immediately. The recompression temperature is not lower than 125°C. The roller is first vibrated 4 times with a heavy-duty double drum roller. The rolling speed is 4km/h to 5km/h, and then it is compacted with a heavy-duty tire roller. 6 The recompression speed is 3.5km/h to 4.5km/h. According to the compaction situation, the number of times of roller compaction increases by 1 or 2 times.
Third, static pressure
Immediately after the repressurization, use a dual-steel vibratory roller to turn off the vibration. The speed is controlled at 2km/h~3km/h static pressure for 2 times, so that the road surface has no track mark. When the final pressure is completed, the temperature is not lower than 110°C. .

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