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Today's hand roller is getting more and more predecessors, the engine performance of the equipment is superior, easy to start. Most of them adopt the international famous brand variable piston pump and quantitative hydraulic motor. It is easy to move forwards and backwards. The steering is naive. The operation is easy and convenient. The electric start of the diesel engine and the electromagnetic vibration clutch of the machine vibration control make the operation easier and more convenient. The handrail can be erected to reduce the transportation. Space; with "reverse" forced reversing lever, making operation safer; appearance spray, beautiful appearance, anti-rust corrosion resistance.
The various features of the hand roller help it more and more popular in some projects, such as: stratified compaction of the cement stabilized layer in road maintenance and replacement construction of municipal roads; compaction of bituminous concrete at the edges and corners of trenches . In road construction, pipe culverts, passage mobile app, and abutment structures are backfilled, large-scale roller compactors cannot work in compacted areas. Municipal garden landscapes, landscapes of residential real estate, pavement construction of golf course construction, and compaction of sidewalk pavement. In other construction areas where the construction area is small and the weight of the compaction equipment is sensitive, the compaction work can be completed efficiently.

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