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PRE:Hand roller features




What kind of small road roller is used for pavement resolution, and the powerful aspect of the small roller? We say that he succeeded in replacing the traditional manufacturing industry together, satisfying the request for subtle processing of high compliance, high stability and reliability in contemporary production. This is also an advantage of the large-scale roller equipment that cannot be replaced. Small size, compact structure, easy transport, large working force, high compliance This is the most serious feature of small compactors, and can be used in conjunction with large compactors. Large water tanks reduce the time and expense of reciprocating replenishment and increase the equipment's continuous working time. Adjustable folding operation handle brings a comfortable operating environment to the operator. It can be conveniently transported or stored after folding. The small roller should be used in the selection of the above should be a detailed title is the classification of the above according to the actual situation of a classification, how to accurately choose a different type of small roller, today we analyze from the road on the one and two For the national main roads and motor-dedicated roads, 6-10 tons of large-capacity vibratory rollers with high compaction capacity should be used; for roads below the third-level, or when the compaction work is not often carried out, the mobile units with 2t or so are best equipped. Oscillating roller. On cement concrete pavement, a tire-driven series oscillating roller can be used; on the ground floor of an advanced road subgrade, the best choice is tire compactor or tire-driven oscillatory roller for compaction to obtain a uniform density; for asphalt concrete pavement, full use should be made. Drive type oscillating roller; static acting optical roller roller can be used for repairing road surface. The above is a small roller machine manufacturer to explain some of the headings on the use of the above standards.

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